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Ramp is pre connected to free end of day data for US Stocks.  There is nothing for you to do but run the chart pattern scans you choose.

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Ramp is a Windows program that installs in seconds.
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Ramp is also the worlds best real time crypto currency scanner.

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We are experts at real time and end of day pattern recognition and data collection.
The Ramp Program will scan for any of these chart patterns.

5 Year Highs
ABCD Zigzag Scanner
ADX, +DI and -DI Directional Indicator Scanner
Andrew's Pitchfork Scanner
Any Percent Pull Back and Recovery
Aroon Lines Scanner
Batch and Automatic Pattern Scanning
Bearish MACD Divergence Scanner
Bearish MACD Divergence Index MDI
Bollinger Bands Scanner
Breakout Retest - Old-Res.-New-Sup.
Bull MACD Divergence Index MDI
Bullish Engulfing Candlestick Scanner
Bullish MACD Divergence Scanner
Channeling Stocks Scanner
Confirmed M Top Scanner
Confirmed W Bottom Scanner
Cup and Handle Scanner
Darvas Box Scanner
Detrended Price Oscillator Scanner
Doji Candlestick Scanner
Early Double Bottom Scanner
Early Double Top Scanner
Elliott Wave Scanner
Engulfing Retest Candlestick Scanner
Fibonacci Extension Scanner (any level)
Fibonacci Retracement Scanner (any level)
Flag and Pennant Scanner
Flags, Triangles, Channels and Pennants
FoxWave Pattern Scanner
Fully Automatic Trendline Scanner
Head and Shoulders Scanner
Ichimoku Cloud Scanner
Island Reversal Scanner
Keltner Squeeze Scanner
Linear Regression Channel Scanner
Moving Average Scanner
Multi Timeframe Auto Trendlines
Murrey Math Line Scanner
Price, Volume and Volume Surge Scanner
Resistance Line Break Scanner
Resistance Line Touch Scanner
RSI Divergence Scanner
Sentimentum Scanner
Six Point Reversal Scanner
Stochastics Scanner
Strong Base Scanner
Support Line Break Scanner
Support Line Touch Scanner
Simultaneous Patterns
The Ramp Chart Pattern Recognition Scanner will remember the results from one scan and use those symbols for the input list for the next. This way you can easily do compound scans such as finding W Bottoms on support lines or scanning multiple time frames. The chart pattern combinations are endless. 
Example Intraday Bitcoin Chart from the Ramp Crypto Screener
Sample Real Time BobChart

Example Intraday Trendline Chart Patterns from the Ramp Stock Screener
Sample Real Time BobChart

Example Intraday Forex Chart Pattern Recognition Images
Sample Forex BobChart

See the above charts for any US stock, Forex pair or crypto pair at http://www.todayscharts.com/BobCharts/

Image of the Ramp Chart Pattern Recognition Software

Data Sources

Find Help on Data Sources from the List Below.

Public EOD Data for US Stocks and FOREX
This is free end of day data for NYSE, NASDAQ and Amex Stocks. It also include Forex end of day data for major currency pairs.  The data is updated occasionally throughout the trading day. For free end of day data on any other market see Free Yahoo Data below.

Free Crypto Currency Real Time Data from Binance.com
The data comes from the Binance.com real time crypto data API.  It is very fast and is the preferred crypto data source for Ramp 9 and Ramp 9 Lite.  It is not available in Ramp 8.  Note that the symbols are crypto currency pairs.  An example is BTCLTC.  To use dollars use a symbol like BTCUSDT.

MetaStock Local EOD Data Format
MetaStock is both the name of a charting program and a standard data format.  In this case we are referring to the standard MetaStock EOD historical data format available from many vendors for all markets world wide.  This is a premium paid data service and is an excellent choice for world wide markets. 

Text Data Local EOD Format
Ramp will read simple text file end of day data.  This data is available from many internet sources and the option is available for users who already have EOD local text historical data files.  Each symbol is a separate file with each line in the file a days data.

Free MT4 (MetaTrader 4) Real Time Forex
MT4 is a FOREX charting/trading platform available free from most FOREX brokers.  Your broker provides the MT4 program and the data feed with your account.  Ramp will add an indicator to your MT4 folder that you can attach to your MT4 charts.  This indicator will output real time streaming .csv (comma separated value)  historical data files.  Ramp can open and read these data files in real time.

Xenith Real Time Data For World Markets by MetaStock
This is a premium Real Time charting program and data source for most markets world wide.  We provide this option in Ramp for traders world wide who want do real time scanning on any market.

ActiveTick.com Real Time Data for US Stocks and Forex
This is a premium Real Time charting program and data source for US Markets and Forex. This is a great option for a reliable and fast (inexpensive!) data source.

FXCM.com free real time Forex data.
If you are a Forex trader this is the data source you will want to use.  The data is free with a FXCM.com funded or free trial account.  The data is excellent and the cost can't be beat.  You can select from 13 timeframes from 1 minute to monthly bars.

Free Real Time Data:

Free Forex data from MT4
For MT4 data see

(Forex Capital Markets)
Free Forex data from FXCM (the best).
For FXCM data see

For Crypto currencies you can get free real time data from Binance.  Just select Binance as your data source and use currency pairs as symbols.  (Example symbols are BTCLTC and BTCUSDT.

Paid Real Time Data:

Less expensive data comes from ActiveTick.com.  The cost is $49.95 a month.  They have Forex, US ETFs and US Stocks (No non US markets). For ActiveTick data see http://www.nebadawn.com/AT-Downloader/AT-Downloader.htm

Xenith by MetaStock.com
More data selection comes from MetaStock's Xenith.  They have futures, options, stocks, etfs, foreign markets and everything else.

At this writing, the Xenith cost is $150 a month for the first three months and $150 each month after that.  That price is for North American stocks.  Prices differ with each market and may have changed.  You will need to talk with them.  Use the coupon code NEBADAWN to get the discount when you talk with MetaStock about Xenith data.  For Xenith data see http://www.ramprt.com/help-files/Xenith-Pattern-Recognition-Scanner.htm


We connect Ramp to free real time data wherever we can find it but it is just not available in suitable quality for Ramp.

 Available Time Per Bar Settings

The timeframe refers to the time period per bar.  You can select multiple timeframes.   Back to Top
Weekly    Daily    6 Hour    4 Hour    2 Hour    60 Min    30 Min    15 Min    10 Min    5 Min   1 Min

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